Huge blast of cum in her Thai pussy

Paen 痴女 お色気 外国人 生ハメ 中出し

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Huge blast of cum in her Thai pussy

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Asia Fuck Dolls



This week's Creampie episode features Creampie first timer Paen. One night in Bangkok I was at a famous blowjob bar and I met a girl named Paen who became a favorite of mine because she could really suck cock. You know、 the kind of girl who really gets into it. It's like this girl graduated from Bangkok Blowjob university with a Ph.D. in advanced cocksucking theory. Paen was so talented at sucking cock I ended up doing a shoot with her and filling her mouth on camera with my hot load. It's a great scene which you can see exclusively at Anyway、 I still didn't creampie her、 so invited her back over to get a little more of that sucky sucky short time、 but this time I got to fill her other money maker with a huge blast of my cum.

Asia Fuck Dolls

Huge blast of cum in her Thai pussy:Asia Fuck Dolls:サンプル/本編動画 へ

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