My sperm dripped out of her swollen pussy

Ariya HD ロリ 外国人 生ハメ 中出し 美少女

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My sperm dripped out of her swollen pussy

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Asia Fuck Dolls



So here's Ariya. She's quite young、 definitely new、 and pretty damn adorable. Ariya is tattoo-less which is pretty hard to come by these days. I walked over to Ariya and began fondling her body through her tiny jean shorts. She then dropped to her knees and started sucking my raging boner. When she undressed、 I had her lie back on the bed so I could taste her little teen pussy. Ariya has a decent size bush on top、 but her pussy was completely bald. I dove right in and licked her little bald beaver until she was completely wet. Then I slid my cock between her lips and started fucking this beautiful teenager. I'm an old man now、 so there's nothing more exciting than bare-backing a pretty young girl. I fucked Ariya for a long time because I just had to enjoy this amazing opportunity. When I was finished、 I was sure to unload all my sperm deep inside her young pussy. When I pulled out I noticed her pussy was all swollen. This is a condition called "vulvovaginitis" (I looked it up) and it's harmless、 but it's certainly satisfying to see the damage of a hard long fucking. Nevertheless、 her pussy will be back to normal by tomorrow and ready for the next batch of semen.

Asia Fuck Dolls

My sperm dripped out of her swollen pussy:Asia Fuck Dolls:サンプル/本編動画 へ

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